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Having the right group supervising your development is an important step you don’t want to overlook.
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Offering plans are vital to the success of your development so we will ensure that you are compliant.
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Each closing adds to the success of your development, as does regular upkeep of each of the units. 
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Services We Provide

  • Appointing Board Members
  • Amending Offering Plans
  • Drafting Development Documents

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  • Drafting Offering Plan

  • Government Filing

  • Zoning / Environmental Testing
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  • Contract / Lease Negotiations 
  • Tenant Disputes
  • Litigation
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Your ultimate guidebook for buying property in New York.
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The handbook on every step of selling property in New York. 
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Developers have been grateful for our expert service…

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I had a really nice experience working with Lowrance. He is really responsible and responsive. I highly recommend his service.

Chun-Yi Peng
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I was a first-time buyer and Lowrance was great at every point of the process – from ensuring the contract was fair, to negotiating the price… I would definitely recommend Fisher Stone to prospective buyers.
Steven Lau
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It’s truly been a pleasure to work with the team at Fisher Stone… They are easy to work with, informative, professional and I trust that they have my best interests at hand.
Erica Gotay


I had a closing on my co-op, the attorneys at fisher stone we’re very efficient… At closing Lowrance Fisher was totally prepared, went over details again and I was done in an hour I would recommend fisher stone very highly.
Rich Murray
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“Smooth “

Excellent service smooth process….definitely will be using them again to close on my next property

Naye Black


I highly recommend Lawrence Fisher as a real estate lawyer in NY and BK… Excellent trusty smart real estate lawyer in NY/BK. Enough said :)

Limor Yron

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re unsure about which part of the development you would like help with, look through these frequently asked questions. If you still want guidance, you can schedule a free strategy session with one of our attorneys.

When developing, what is the “sources and uses” statement?2020-10-27T15:35:09-04:00

The sources and uses statement is the disclosure of who has sponsored the development and how their money is spent. These numbers must match so each sponsor can understand the flow of their money and can chart the development of the new property.

What power does a governing association hold?2020-10-27T15:34:21-04:00

The governing board is charged with maintaining the complex, through regular upkeep/ maintenance and regulating the property within the guidelines of the association. The governing board can also motion to adjust the condo fees, with approval from the owners or renters.

What are condo fees and when can I charge them?2020-10-27T15:33:45-04:00

Condo fees can also be called “maintenance fees” or “upkeep fees” and the fees are used for general upkeep, any maintenance done in the development, or upgrades to common areas. These fees can be charged at designated times, each complex differs. Fees can also be raised or lowered if the governing board and the owners agree.

What is an offering plan?2020-10-27T15:33:09-04:00

An offering plan is the outline for all aspects of a development. The document is usually hundreds of pages detailing all the amenities, rules, and terms of the condominium and living as its tenant. Having an attorney eases the process of drafting regulations that benefit the development.

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