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Starting a business or entering a real estate deal can be daunting prospects. Individuals who pursue such daring ventures put a great deal at risk: their time, money, and energy. When you start a business or purchase real estate, you need to know that someone who understands local laws and regulations is on your side.

You can get help with these significant investments by hiring business and real estate lawyers in Brooklyn. Our team of attorneys has a great deal of experience helping clients start successful businesses and make advantageous real estate transactions. Whether you want to own your own company, sell your business, purchase commercial real estate, or conduct any other business pursuits, we can help.

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How Can a Business Lawyer Help Me Start a Business?

When you are ready to start a business, you need excellent attorneys who can help you structure your new company and protect you from any legal repercussions further down the road, saving you from expensive and stressful disputes. A business lawyer can help by explaining your options and helping you determine what the best choices are for your unique scenario.

Some duties a business lawyer will fulfill include:

  • Helping you decide what business entity to use, such as an LLC, partnership, or corporation
  • Crafting contracts and other documents essential to your thriving business. These may include employment agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and more.
  • Negotiating a fair price and other details when buying or selling businesses
  • Resolving disputes in case of problems such as a breach of contract occur
  • Ensuring your company complies with local regulations to minimize issues with the government

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

Real estate attorneys act on behalf of their clients in real estate deals, including buying or selling a home, rental property, or commercial property. Your real estate attorney can help ensure your transaction goes smoothly and get you the best deal possible.

Some other items a real estate lawyer can help with are:

  • Negotiating the selling price to get you a fair deal
  • Using knowledge of current markets to get the best terms possible
  • Researching the title of the property to ensure there are no existing liens or issues
  • Working with the lender to get you fair rates on your loan
  •  Protecting you legally through crafting firm contracts that are in the best interest of both parties
  •  Creating contracts with tenants, including commercial tenants

Reach out to Fisher Stone, P.C. today to speak with our talented legal team and see how we can help with your real estate transaction.

How Much Do Your Legal Services Cost?

One issue many people run into when they hire a lawyer or go through a website for legal services is the hidden fees that make the price much higher than promised initially. Our law firm does not believe in tricking clients with this unscrupulous bait-and-switch tactic. We meet with each potential client in a free consultation to discuss their needs and goals. We then explain the fees required for the services and allow you to choose how to proceed.

At Fisher Stone, P.C., you will get honest answers without legalese or confusing terms that leave you wondering what you’re getting for your money. You also benefit from counsel and representation based on decades of combined experience at very affordable prices. Call today to discuss your needs with our legal team and get a more accurate estimate of how much it will cost to hire our law firm for your business and real estate needs.

Should You Hire Our Business & Real Estate Attorneys?

When you start a business or purchase real estate, you put a great deal on the line. You may be investing your savings or wealth that took a lifetime to create. You must also consider the emotional cost of such a venture. Please don’t put your investment at risk by using inexperienced lawyers or cheap websites for legal counsel.

You deserve excellent help from attorneys who fully understand the processes of buying real estate and starting a new business. Our founding lawyers have each created new companies from scratch and have a vast amount of experience in Brooklyn, NY, real estate. We understand the nuances of the legal aspects of both ventures, and we apply this knowledge and expertise in every case we take on. We promise to leverage our skills, honesty, and dedication to get you the results you need. Call today to learn more in a risk-free initial consultation at 718-550-5910