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Hit and Run Claims Attorneys in NYC

Protecting Vulnerable Injury Victims

Does hearing the term “hit and run” conjure up the image of a driver hitting and running over a person with little or no regard for human suffering? In New York state law, the term “hit and run” is not designed to capture a callous driver in a horrible accident. What the term means is a driver fleeing the scene of a car accident without leaving information to be identified. The car accidents do not necessarily involve serious bodily injury. They can be as small as involving only minor property damage.

If you are involved in a car accident, you are legally obligated to stop and remain on the scene. It is expected that parties stay to identify the scope of the accident, exchange information, and wait until the police come. If you are a victim, you want to stay to ensure no fraudulent allegations are made for the harm you did not cause. The seconds after an accident can be confusing and frightening. Fear or panic may cause a driver to flee the scene of the accident. We can help you in the aftermath of a hit-and-run to ensure you don’t pay the price for something that wasn’t your fault.

What Should I Do After A Hit-And-Run Accident?

You want to collect as much information as possible from your insurance company and the police. Do not try to follow the other driver that flees the scene. Instead, look for witnesses and get their names and contact information. Finally, be sure to report the incident to the police within 24 hours of its occurrence. A police report is vital to establishing the accident. Without it, you may have to forgo your case.

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