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The Benefits of a Trademark


Stake Your Claim

Ensure you have the first and only claim to your business name, logo, and slogan.


Use the ® symbol on your materials to strengthen branding efforts.

Federal Protection

Stop any infringement or unlawful use by getting federal recognition of your brand.

Is My Brand Eligible For a Trademark?

Step 1: Provide the necessary documents

Step 2: We do research and file the application

Step 3: Your trademark is approved!

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  • Free consultation with an attorney before the application is filed.
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  • Receive a professional opinion on success probability.
  • An attorney will file your federal application.
  • The firm will respond to any USPTO Office Actions to keep the process moving forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to trademark and have questions, please look through these FAQs. To find out if you are ready to file, you can also schedule a strategy session with one of our trademark lawyers.

What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright?2021-02-26T11:50:47-05:00

A trademark is a protection of a word, phrase, or design, registered with the US Patent and Trademark Organization. Trademarks last for as long as they are in use, as opposed to copyrights which have an expiration date. Copyrights protect works from an artist or author, such as books, plays, and music.

Can I trademark a name or phrase?2021-02-26T11:45:25-05:00

Yes! You can trademark a name, a logo, or even a slogan. These trademarks will have to be filed separately but businesses like to have federal protections on any branding sources they can. Please be aware that just filing an application doesn’t guarantee it will be approved.

How long does filing for a trademark take?2021-02-26T11:47:48-05:00

Trademark filings vary in terms of time based on the USPTO response and any office actions that may be issued. The wait for a typical trademark filing is four to six months.

What are trademark classes?2021-02-26T11:48:37-05:00

Trademark classes are the designator of what type of product or service your trademark is representing. A barbershop is a different class than an online clothes retailer. A majority of businesses fall into one category; however, it is possible to be grouped in multiple classes. These classes each come with a separate fee.

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