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Lowrance Fisher, Esq.

Lowrance Fisher, Esq

Lowrance Fisher co-founded Fisher Stone with partner and fellow Florida Coastal Law School graduate Greg Stone. In addition, he is a New York licensed attorney and an accomplished entrepreneur who has started and run two successful enterprises.

Lowrance now specializes in real estate law and business law. In these fields, Lowrance is now able to assist real estate buyers, sellers, and developers. Moreover, businesses looking for help along their journey can trust in Lowrance.


Lowrance Fisher’s Bio

Since the day he could talk, it seems, Lowrance had a passion for business. It seems Lowrance was born with an innovative mind coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit. Right away, Lowrance was ready to begin his business journey.

First, Lowrance opened a lemonade stand at 7 years old. Next, several years later, he opened a small online jewelry store. Two years later, he founded and operated an electronic accessories franchise. The business took off. and by the time he was 20, Lowrance was able to introduce overseas products to his US customers. After graduating from college, Lowrance sold his shares of the franchise to take the next step to becoming an attorney.

While simultaneously studying for his LSATs, he then began a job for a prominent New York personal injury firm. Three years later, Lowrance graduated from Florida Coastal law. Lowrance took a job at his firm where he looked to help people suffering from serious injuries.

A few years later, Lowrance, along with Gregory Stone, founded his own firm. Furthermore, The firm was completely dedicated to helping small businesses and start-ups. As the firm became more successful, Greg and Lowrance set their sights toward real estate. Now equally important, Lowrance now helps first-time home buyers and businesses looking for commercial spaces. Lowrance doesn’t want to be just another lawyer for his clients. He wants to be a part of their success story too.