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The right business attorney can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. Our business attorneys handle everything your business could ever need: start-up, trademarks, business licenses, liquor licenses, contracts, employment, asset sales, stock sales, and our legal subscription service.

We offer a free consultation with a member of our team. A business attorney will answer all of your questions without any pressure to retain our firm. If you’re looking for a trusted New York business lawyer, contact us today for your free consultation. 


Start your company with business lawyers who can guide you in the right direction. We provide you everything you will need for your LLC or Corporation.


If you’re looking to protect your brand and scale on a national level, apply for a trademark. Our business attorneys handle the whole process for you.


Our business attorneys will secure the licenses you need from the Department of State, Department of Consumer Affairs, as well as liquor licenses. 


Get your contract drafted or reviewed by a business attorney. You can also have our team work with your business on employment matters.


Have a business lawyer at your service without having to pay a large deposit. LegalEye empowers companies to achieve their legal goals.


If you’re buying or selling a business, trust a business lawyer to help you through the whole sale. Our firm will work get the deal done while protecting you.


Real estate deals can be full of anxiety, stress, and risk. Our real estate attorneys mitigate with expert care and professionalism. We handle residential real estate deals in all five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island.

If you’d like to speak to an experienced real estate attorney, you can schedule a free consultation with our firm. A member of our team will reach out and answer any questions you nay have regarding real estate. Contact us today for your consultation.


Have a New York City real estate attorney through the entire process of buying or selling your family home, condo, or co-op.


Trust our Brooklyn real estate attorneys to assist with your purchase or sale. We handles deals for family homes, condos, and co-ops.


Deals in Staten Island demand an attorney who knows what to do. Our real estate lawyers have the experience to get you to the closing table. 


Queens real estate attorneys are a dime-a-dozen. Speak to our firm to understand why Fisher Stone is the clear choice for your next deal. 


If you’re a real estate agent or broker looking for a reliable real estate team to refer clients to, find out the benefits of partnering with Fisher Stone.


Fisher Stone’s team of real estate attorneys can walk you through your Bronx purchase or sale. We work with homes, condos, and co-ops. 


Operating a business is constant work and the law around it is always evolving. Fisher Stone can provide your business with legal support in every stage of its life cycle. Our attorneys have assisted countless start-ups, trademarks, contracts, and disputes involving large and small businesses. Our lawyers are prepared to set you on the path to success, and take every step with you along the way.

Our new service, LegalEye, ensures that you have access to your business law counsel at a moment’s notice

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Speaking with him about the concerns I had with my business, and what I thought I knew about  the law, was like speaking with a friend…Thanks again!

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You are never just a number to our team, so we want to take every opportunity to help you succeed. We will gladly solve any business problem, but the answer you’re looking for may be in these FAQS:

How do I know whether I need an LLC or Corporation?2021-03-08T14:19:54-05:00

If you’re just starting out on your business journey, more often than not, you’re best option is going to be an LLC. LLCs offer a less rigid management structure and give you pass-through taxation so you only have to pay taxes on a personal level. This isn’t always the case however, so its best you speak to an attorney about your business needs.

Do I need a trademark?2021-03-08T14:27:14-05:00