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Business Law

Having the right business attorney in New York City can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. Let our corporate counsel guide you to your next great business decision.



We help you make the best entity choice for your business. Choose between corporations, LLCs, or Professional entities.


We will assist your company to ensure legal compliance. Our firm facilitates corporate counsel, trademark applications, and securing capital.


We aid in settling any disputes involving your business. In preparing smart exit mechanisms, our team can secue your fair share.


We want to be on standby for our clients. LegalEye™ ensures you have continual legal support so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Having the right business attorney in New York City can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. Let our corporate counsel guide you to your next great business decision.


Buying, selling, or maintaining real estate in New York City is full of stress, anxiety, and risk. Our real estate attorneys don’t just show you where to sign but actually walk you through the entire process.



We will walk you through your real estate sale or purchase. The experienced attorneys in our firm can handle family homes, co-ops, or condos.


We can guide you through purchasing, selling, and leasing commercial real estate with our unmatched skill in real estate law.


We represent sponsors of new condo developments. To be able to create, file offering plans, and close on each unit, you need on-going legal support.


We have created an app for our real estate partners and clients: dealio. The program ushers agents, attorneys, and brokers through the entire real estate deal.

Experts for Rising Businesses…

Running a business is constant work and the law around it is always evolving. Fisher Stone can provide your business with the legal support that makes the difference between failure and success. From starting a business, to running it, to divorcing it: our team is prepared to accompany you on your voyage and highlight the best path for your business.

Our new service, LegalEye, ensures that you have access to your business law counsel at a moment’s notice

Business Law Testimonial


Speaking with him about the concerns I had with my business, and what I thought I knew about  the law, was like speaking with a friend. He listened, asked questions to understand, informed me on my legal options and advised me on how I could proceed without pressuring me into making a decision that would’ve cost me thousands of dollars. Thanks again!

The answer to all your business needs has arrived

You are never just a number to our team, we want to be a partner in your success story by covering your legal bases. We ensure you are on the path to a successful business venture. If you have business questions, look over some frequently asked questions:

We help startups and entrepreneurs launch their businesses all the time. If you’re looking to start your company in New York, look no further. We form LLCs, Corporations, as well as Professional Companies.
Our team regularly reviews contracts for our business clients. In our review, we look to confirm that the contract is beneficial to our clients. We also can draft new contracts such as employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and sales agreements.

Our team of attorneys has seen every type of dispute so we can advise you on the best course of action. We will work to find the best route for you and for the business.

Trademarks are a specialty for our firm, so we can help trademark your logo, your slogan, and your name. We do the research so you can be sure you are legally compliant with your branding.

Speaking with an attorney can help make your path much clearer, which is why we offer strategy sessions with business owners so they can chart their business trajectory. 

Real estate attorneys that work smarter and harder

Our process in handling your real estate deal has been refined over the years. The team puts you first to deliver the best deal possible and get their venture taken care of efficiently. We have answered some of the most common questions below:

We know the relationship between landlords and tenants can be tenuous, so our firm is diligent and shrewd when dealing with these situations. We can help find the best resolution for you.
You can buy property through entities like an LLC. Our team is well-versed in the transaction process so we can act swiftly. We can also set up an entity like this for you.
We have assisted people with buying and selling property all around New York. If you’re ready to purchase your forever home, we want to help you and if you’ve already found your next home, then we can help you sell the old one.
We can help you understand exactly what is required of you as a development sponsor or as a new developer since both are covered with legal pitfalls that our expert attorneys could guide you around.
We can review your commercial lease to ensure you and your business are set up for success. We can also help you with negotiating for what you deserve.

Your Guide to Smart Deals…

Dealing in real estate naturally comes with some risk, but you can minimize by trusting in our team of attorneys. Our firm has experience in every aspect of the real estate market and can support your efforts whether buying, selling, or developing. Fisher Stone is also equipped to handle any litigation or leasing issues that may arise in the residential or commercial sectors.

Your new favorite real estate tool, dealio, is launching soon to ease the strain of pesky real estate documents.


Thank you Fisher Stone for the incredible & professional experience of closing on our Condo in NYC. From beginning to end you have responded quickly and answered every question along the way and we are so grateful for you help. Highly recommend you for any closing! Thank you

Real estate law testimonial

We send our clients down the road to success…

small business ceo smiling

“Top Notch”

Top notch law firm with an excellent staff of well versed attorneys! I couldn’t be happier to have such an amazing legal team in my corner solving all of my legal needs. I highly recommend Fisher Stone for all business and real estate matters!
Unification Group
black business owner smiling


This Lawers firm has everything you need. Good communication good customer service the staff is well trained and ready to answer any question. I recommend them 100% 

Juan Alcantara


Amazing service. The attorneys were incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Couldn’t have asked for a more seamless and painless legal experience. Highly recommended! 

Eric Balsim
businessman smiling


Fisher Stone was excellent, great at communication. I am very satisfied with my experience with them.
Trevor Titley
female small business owner smiling


I really enjoyed my experience with Fisher Stone. The staff was very welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, honest and professional. I highly recommend them for all your legal needs! 

Jessica Berge
business owner smiling


Fisher Stone Attorneys at Law are the best! Efficient, professional, And very easy to work with… I explained to him what I needed and everything was handle and delivered so fast. I am so happy with my Barbers agreement contracts. 

Laverdadera Grasa Cuts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like more information on Fisher Stone and the work we do you can check out our “What We Do” sections; you can read these FAQs; or you can schedule a strategy session with an attorney by entering your information in the form to the right.

What kind of law does Fisher Stone practice?2020-12-14T14:54:03-05:00

Fisher Stone is one of the best firms in New York when it comes to business or real estate law, with the occasional personal injury case. We cover most law in those the business field, from business formation to business dissolution, and everything in between. In the real estate field, we handle buying property, selling property, development sponsorship, as well as landlord/tenant matters. Our firm is relatively new but has established itself as one of the premier law firms in New York state. We aren’t just practicing law, we’re refining the way people look at law.

Where is Fisher Stone located?2020-12-14T14:53:58-05:00

Our firm has offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, to help us better serve all 5 boroughs and the rest of New York. Our firm has handled matters and deals all across the state. For the time being, we are assisting our clients virtually through either phone call or zoom. This may seem like a hassle but we have been prepared to go virtual for some time now, so our process is completely optimized for the client’s ease.

How do I know which service I need?2020-12-14T14:53:45-05:00

If you’ve read through everything and you’re still not sure which service or process best fits your situation, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your phone number. Once you enter your phone number and click the green button, you will receive a call from one of our attorneys, as soon as one is available. Explain your situation to the attorney so they can make a determination about your best course of action and what we can do for you.

What does having a lawyer mean?2020-12-14T14:53:34-05:00

Having a lawyer on your case means that you have hired that professional to handle your matter to the best of their legal abilities. Having a Fisher Stone lawyer means you’ve found your legal partner in all things business or real estate. While other lawyers might be dodging calls or charging exorbitant amounts, Fisher Stone attorneys are answering all your questions and breaking down our service prices. When you hire our firm, we make you our top priority while we handle your case.

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