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Offering Clients Representation When Starting and Growing a Small Business

As a small business owner, you have unique needs that many larger corporations don’t have. Primarily, you need legal services at an affordable price to get your business started on the right foot and keep your business operating. Without the help of legal professionals like those at Fisher Stone, P.C., you could risk thousands of dollars in litigation over business contracts that are not legally sound. You may even lose your right to run your business if you fail to abide by New York’s complex licensing laws and regulations.

Another matter to consider when you start a new business is the form of business entity that matches your situation. Many options are available, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Business entity formation really does matter and can affect how your business earns money, how your company is governed, and how you pay taxes.

Please reach out to our Brooklyn business lawyers for a free consultation to learn how we can help you with business formation, management of personal assets, buying and selling businesses, and other legal issues. We have decades of combined experience, making us the ideal law firm to help with small business management, internet-based businesses, and other corporations. Call 718-550-5910 now to speak with our legal team and learn how we can help you.

What Legal Needs Do Small Businesses Have in New York?

Entrepreneurs work hard and risk their time, capital, and emotional health to create the best possible start for their companies. These individuals face unique challenges that larger companies may not face. New business owners must decide how to structure their companies, which can require counseling with an attorney about each business’s circumstances, challenges, and goals. A small business lawyer can help you understand the benefits of selecting different entities to decide which is right for you.

Furthermore, New York businesses face laws and regulations that businesses in other locations may not need to worry about. A lawyer is an excellent ally for navigating these issues, giving you the confidence that your company will have the proper licenses and registration to operate legally in Brooklyn, NY. Small businesses in NY must also have a wide variety of contracts in place to protect the company in case of future disputes, including operating agreements, employment contracts, shareholder agreements, and more.

Lastly, small business owners must protect their intellectual property by following trademark laws. Companies that fail to protect themselves adequately could face copyright infringement and other legal problems that could threaten the livelihood of the business.

How Can Hiring a Corporate Lawyer Help My Small Business?

When you hire a business law attorney like those at Fisher Stone, P.C., you know that you and your family are protected from disputes and litigation that could threaten your personal assets. We can help set up your business so it follows New York law and design contracts that ensure everyone knows what their obligations are. We also understand the importance of being financially wise as you start your business. Our team offers legal services that meet the needs of small business owners without breaking the bank.

Some ways our professional legal services can help your new and growing business include:

  • Providing counsel regarding business formation, including selecting a business entity and developing a business plan and operating agreement
  • Helping you seek financing, including connecting you to lending institutions or helping you raise capital
  • Navigating licensing, regulations, and land use laws
  • Drafting contracts that prevent disputes from ever occurring
  • Resolving breaches of contracts while avoiding litigation as much as possible
  • Representing you aggressively should litigation become necessary
  • Assisting with buying and selling companies

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the company you’ve risked so much to create. Call our knowledgeable team of attorneys today.

What Makes Your Law Firm Unique?

Choosing a law firm can be difficult with the many options available in Brooklyn, New York. Before starting your LLC, S-corp, or other new business, you should consider hiring a legal team with a background in business creation. At Fisher Stone, P.C., our founding attorneys have both created and run multiple successful businesses. We understand the dedication, effort, and money involved with starting a new company. We promise to protect your investment by giving your company the legal foundation it needs right from the very start.

Our legal practice is unique because we genuinely care about each and every client. You are not a mere case number when you walk in our office door. We listen carefully to our clients’ concerns, needs, and goals, and we offer a wide variety of practice areas to help, no matter what challenges you might be facing. Please let us use our expertise to assist you. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment where you can speak with our caring, capable team of business attorneys.

Should You Hire Our Business & Small Business Attorneys?

Whether you are starting, growing, or selling your small business, you need a small business lawyer who understands your unique needs and will watch out for your best interests. You can’t get that level of service from a cheap one-stop website, and you won’t find our level of dedication and knowledge among many of the business law firms in Brooklyn, NY.

When you hire Fisher Stone, P.C., we will ensure your resources are used to their maximum potential. We offer a low rate, so even financially strapped small business owners can benefit from our legal services. There’s no reason to delay when you can contact us today for a free consultation and see what we can do to help ensure the success of your small business. Call 718-550-5910 now to discuss your options and get your questions answered.