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Small Business Lawyers in NYC

Helping Clients Start Profitable Small Businesses in New York City

New York business ventures can be highly lucrative, but business owners often run into issues when dealing with business laws and regulations in the Big Apple. Individuals who are considering starting a business should speak with a business attorney about complying with licensing laws, creating adequate legal contracts, protecting intellectual property, and other critical legal issues.

At our law firm, we are prepared to help small business owners with a wide range of legal needs. We can assist you with selecting a business entity, formulating your plan for corporate governance, drafting documents like joint venture agreements and employment agreements, and handling commercial litigation. We are also experienced in the area of real estate law, making us ideal allies if your plans involve purchasing or leasing a property.

You can learn more about how our services can benefit your business by contacting our caring, capable legal team at 516-908-9519. We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to us today. Call now to take the exciting first steps toward starting and growing your successful small business.

How Are the Needs of a Small Business Unique from Those of Larger Companies?

Owning a small business has many advantages over large companies, but small business owners still face some challenges that a larger corporation may not have to deal with. For example, corporate governance is greatly simplified when there are fewer employees. It can be easier to designate each person’s responsibilities and protect the owner’s intellectual property. Directing a larger number of employees is more challenging, leading to confusion that could ultimately harm customer service and the company’s reputation.

Small business owners may struggle to raise capital sufficient to fund their venture. These individuals also have a great number of tasks on their shoulders, which can be stressful and time-consuming. This is one reason hiring a small business attorney is so necessary. A lawyer can help draft solid legal contracts that indicate how the company is to be run and what the rights and responsibilities of each person are. Reach out to our talented team of New York small business attorneys immediately to learn more about how our legal services can help you meet your business’s needs.

What Do Small Business Lawyers Do?

Small business lawyers in NYC can assist with many of the actions involved in starting and growing small businesses. Your business attorney will act as a guide through the complex world of business law from day one. They can help you select from the many business entities to ensure your company is structured correctly and you get the tax benefits you need. Your lawyer can also write contracts to protect you from legal issues that could affect your business’s livelihood in the future.

Some examples of documents that a New York small business attorney can help prepare include:

  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Business formation documents

Having these foundational documents in place can help prevent the need for litigation and improve your long-term relationships with partners and employees. However, if partnership disputes or lawsuits arise, your attorney will stand by your side to protect you legally. Whether resolving a dispute requires negotiations, civil suits, or administrative hearings, our team of attorneys will fight aggressively for your best interests. Please get in touch with us for help with any legal matters your new business may need.

How Does Pricing Work at Your Law Firm?

We understand that new LLC, partnership, and sole proprietorship owners have specific legal needs but not always the funds to afford expensive legal services. For this reason, we offer a free consultation and affordable flat rates for our excellent legal counsel and representation. Our founding attorneys have both started multiple businesses, allowing us to provide experienced legal representation based on personally forming and growing a small company.

We advise clients based on decades of combined experience and know how to help our New York City clients find the success they’re looking for. We also know that offering these services without breaking the bank is crucial for many small business owners. We will explain your legal rights and help you set up your business with the personal attention you won’t get from a cheap, one-stop website. Reach out to our team of business lawyers today to learn more about our full range of services at affordable rates with no hidden fees.

Should You Hire Our Small Business Attorneys?

At Fisher Stone, P.C., we understand that business matters can be complex and stressful, especially in New York City. We also know how lucrative and exciting it can be to start your own business and watch it flourish. We are ready to stand by your side as we handle matters relating to business law as you start your new business. We offer legal representation based on our extensive experience, helping your limited liability company or other entity experience the business growth you’ve dreamed of.

We have helped countless LLC owners raise venture capital, make strategic partnerships, protect their trade secrets, and get protection through various contracts. We will use careful attention to ensure your company complies with New York’s by-laws and that business operations go as smoothly as possible.

Please don’t go it alone when so much of your hard-earned wealth is at risk. You have put your time, money, stress, and emotional well-being into your company, and you should have an excellent business lawyer protecting that investment. Reach out to our talented legal team right away to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how your small business can benefit from our services. Call today at 516-908-9519 to speak with our caring, capable team of legal professionals.