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Contracts and Employment Agreements



Bylaws are the governing document of a corporation. Bylaws outline the rules of the company, officer roles, and the responsibilities of shareholders.

A Cease and Desist order is a notice sent to a party to stop alleged illegal activity that is infringing on your rights. Cease and Desists are typically sent as a precursor to taking legal action.

A Convertible Note is debt from a company that will convert to equity. Businesses often issue convertible notes to investors, when investors contribute funding and receive equity in a company as a result.

Corporate Minutes are the official records of managers and officers. Minutes define the specific topics and actions discussed in formal meetings. For many states, this is a requirement of corporations.

A Demand Letter is a letter sent requesting payment or restitution  before taking legal action. Demand Letters are typically sent seeking money owed, to resolve the matter before going to the court system.

An Indemnity Agreement is a contract between tow parties where one parties agrees to pay for losses or damages caused by the other party.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, is a contract between parties to restrict the sharing of certain information. NDAs can apply to all parties or a singular party. This does not cover illegal activities.
An Operating Agreement is the document structuring an LLC. It dictates an LLCs’ rules, regulations, and provisions. Without an operating agreement, an LLC can lose its liability protection.
A privacy policy is a document expressly listing how a site user’s data will be collected and used. Having a privacy policy is required by several states but not on a federal level. The European Union has strict laws on user’s privacy and consent.

A Promissory Note is an agreement that one party owes the the other party an agreed upon amount on a certain date or on demand.