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Protecting Clients Through Strong Legal Documents

There’s no doubt that running a business can be a rewarding and exciting venture. You can create a legacy of wealth for your loved ones and enjoy the life you’ve dreamed of by owning and growing a successful business. However, starting a company can also be complicated and stressful. You may be investing your savings and your precious time into starting your business. You should protect that investment by creating legally sound business contracts that prevent disputes and legal issues that could threaten the livelihood of your new company.

A contract lawyer can play a valuable role in starting your business as they develop documents to protect you and your new company. Even if you are already a business owner looking to grow your company further, you may still benefit from the counsel of a contract attorney who can review your current contracts to ensure you have the proper documentation to provide a bright future for your business.

If you need help creating business contracts, resolving a contract dispute, reviewing your company’s current operating agreement, or have any other questions regarding contract laws in New York, please reach out to our team of contract attorneys today. Our law firm has decades of combined experience helping clients find the success they want through legally sound agreements. Contact us today at 516-908-9519 to learn more about the benefits of hiring our knowledgeable contract lawyers in a free consultation.

What Contracts Are Typically Required for a Small Business in NYC?

New York City business owners have many regulations and local by-laws to sort through. Considering the many contracts that go into starting and running a business can be overwhelming. However, these crucial legal documents can give your business a firm foundation, explaining each person’s role in the company and dictating how the operations are to run.

Some contracts that are critical for a business to run smoothly include:

  • Partnership agreements – These documents clarify the decision-making processes, the responsibilities and authority of each partner, and the division of profits and losses. A sound partnership agreement can protect your company from the financial harm and loss of reputation that could come from partnership disputes or break-ups.
  • Operating agreements – An operating agreement is required in New York for limited liability companies. These contracts dictate the manner of ownership and operation of the LLC and help individuals understand their roles and responsibilities in the company.
  • Employment agreements – Having sound employment agreements helps your employees understand their duties and obligations and can protect the owner from litigation.
  • Shareholder agreements – This type of contract arranges the shareholders’ rights and responsibilities
  • Buy-sell agreements – These agreements are an essential part of succession planning and indicate how a business will move on at the death or incapacity of an owner.
  • Confidentiality agreements – Confidentiality agreements protect the intellectual property of the business, such as in situations where employees or potential buyers learn private information about the company’s operations and trade secrets.

Why Is Having Legally Sound Contracts So Important?

Legally sound contracts are foundational to running a successful business. The best time to create valid contracts that offer your business the protection it needs is while starting the business. However, existing companies can always benefit from reviewing current contracts to ensure they meet the needs of the growing business.

Contracts protect new and growing companies in many ways, including:

  • Indicating the roles and responsibilities of each person in the new company to avoid disputes
  • Clarifying how disputes will be handled
  • Dictating how to divide profits and losses
  • Protecting privacy, including trademarks, trade secrets, and intellectual privacy
  • Preparing the company to move on if the owner dies or decides to leave
  • Indicating the processes that follow in case of breach of contract
  • Avoiding financial losses and loss of reputation
  • Offering the ability to resolve disputes without litigation

Businesses that draft and implement legally sound contracts set themselves up for a future of success. Reach out to our legal team for help negotiating contracts between partners, employees, shareholders, and other parties of interest.

Do I Need a Lawyer To Help Draft Contracts for My Business?

With the many cheap websites that offer help developing business contracts, some people wonder why it is necessary to hire contract attorneys for the legal documents involved with running a business. While these online, one-stop services may seem inexpensive, many include hidden fees that aren’t apparent at the outset of the transaction. You must also consider the loss of personal counsel specific to your unique situation.

When you hire a law firm like Fisher Stone, P.C., you get personalized attention and excellent legal counsel from attorneys who understand your unique circumstances and have a depth of knowledge regarding New York contract law. We can help negotiate terms that benefit all parties involved, draft contracts that protect your business, and implement those contracts if a violation occurs.

Should You Hire Our Contracts Attorneys?

As an investor or business owner, you need to know that your investment is protected through strong legal documents that address your unique needs. This may include confidentiality agreements, employee agreements, termination contracts, and other crucial contracts.

At Fisher Stone, P.C., our founding attorneys have stood where you are now. We know what it takes to create and run a successful business because we have personally done so many times. We have also assisted countless clients with negotiations and contract creation. We will leverage that experience and knowledge to give you the legal advice you need at the outset of your business or in reviewing your current operations. We offer these services at a low rate that even new small business owners can afford.

Call our dedicated team of attorneys today at 516-908-9519 to learn more about how we can help get your NY business off on the right foot by creating business contracts for your new or growing company.