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Fisher Stone is the perfect choice for your legal needs.

Fisher Stone is changing the narrative around attorneys. The firm is young, energetic, and has created unique environment that stands apart from other law firms. Our team wants to make business and real estate law accessible for all of our clients. We are your partners through every step of your journey and we are devoted to your success.

We focus on pairing our clients with the proper attorney for their legal matter. The services we offer are immensely valuable for anyone involved in business or real estate.

Meet Our Team

Lowrance Fisher, Esq.
Real Estate Attorney / Partner
Lowrance Fisher co-founded Fisher Stone with partner and fellow Florida Coastal Law School graduate Greg Stone. In addition to being a New York real estate attorney with years of experience, Lowrance is a prudent real estate owner. Lowrance also founded several accomplished small businesses in his earlier years.
Gregory Stone, Esq.
Business Attorney / Partner
Gregory Stone co-founded Fisher Stone with partner and fellow Florida Coastal Law School graduate Lowrance Fisher. Greg is both a qualified New York business attorney and an experienced business professional, entrepreneur, and publisher. His background includes starting his own company as well as founding the journal SSB Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Business Entity Should I Use When Starting My New Business?

New owners could potentially use many business structures when forming a New York business. Some examples are a limited partnership, general partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, professional limited liability company, S corporation, or C corporation. Each entity has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so speaking with a lawyer is essential in deciding the right path for you. For example, a sole proprietorship is easy to form but does not offer the liability protection of an LLC or corporation. While corporations give greater credibility and capital-raising potential, they are complicated and expensive to set up, making them less ideal for many new business owners.

What Contracts Do I Need for My New Business?

The contracts your business needs depend on your chosen entity. For example, an LLC must have an operating agreement according to NYC business laws. If you plan to hire employees, you will want employment agreements to indicate what duties and responsibilities each employee has. Contracts with other businesses and partners can help prevent lawsuits if disputes arise. Shareholder agreements are also essential if you plan to incorporate your business. Contact our law firm for attorneys who can help you craft contracts that meet your company’s unique needs.

What Are the Basic Steps of Forming an LLC?

The limited liability company is relatively simple compared to forming a corporation, but you must still follow some legal guidelines to start your company on the right foot. You must also pick a business name not being used by any other entity in New York. Finally, New York law requires LLCs to publish ads in two New York newspapers for six consecutive weeks. You should also choose a registered agent, which can be an LLC member, a friend, or another company, to receive mail on your behalf.

What Are the Benefits of Using an S Corporation for My Business Entity?

S corporations are unique business structures that offer the benefits of a corporation while giving the owners the liability protection of an LLC. With an S corp, you may open your company up to shareholders if you keep the number of stockholders below 100. S corp owners avoid the double taxation many corporations are subject to since the owners are taxed individually instead of paying company taxes. However, S corp owners file taxes as employees rather than as self-employed individuals, as would LLC members.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Real Estate Deal?

One of the main reasons to hire a law firm before entering a real estate deal is because it is legally required in the State of New York. However, there are many benefits to retaining an attorney when buying or selling real estate. Your lawyer can give you advice based on experience with the market, negotiate a fair sale price, get you better terms on your loans, and ensure contracts protect your interests.