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Fisher Stone is the only law firm your business will ever need. We have the services to launch businesses, grow businesses, and handle disputes. Our team will be upfront about your exact needs and our prices. Thousands of business, at every stage of the lifecycle, have trusted us with their business needs. We also assist a wide range of companies, from small startups to large organizations.

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Start your business with absolute confidence. Our team of attorneys will have your business formed in 24 business hours for one flat fee. Don’t risk costly mistakes by using a cheap online service like LegalZoom, or a bargain attorney that doesn’t care. Our packages include everything you will need to start running your business properly.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • C-Corporation

  • S-Corporation

  • Professional Company

Growing your business isn’t just about surviving. True growth can come from settling disputes, drafting contracts, and applying for trademarks too. You may also need licenses to expand your services. If it pertains to your business, we can handle it for you. Level up your company with the team that fits your needs.

  • Trademarks

  • Contracts

  • Buying | Selling a Business

  • Business Licenses

When buying or selling a business, entrepreneurs like to ensure they are protected. Business sales can be complicated and involve a lot of moving parts. You can have our business attorneys work towards your interests as you begin a new chapter in your business journey.

  • Contract Review
  • Sale Clearance
  • Negotiations
  • Closings

LegalEye is the future of legal counsel for businesses. For a monthly fee, you can keep our legal help on standby for whenever you need it. Our team will provide a variety of legal services for no additional costs. Further your company’s success and keep your business leg