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Business Lawyers in NYC

Helping Clients Enjoy Business Success at Every Stage of the Growth Process

Starting a New York business can be exciting and frightening all at the same time. You can have a great idea with the funds to back up your business plan, but if you don’t take the time to ensure the legal aspects of your business are in place, you could put your company’s future at risk. To give your business the best possible outlook, reach out to a skilled business attorney like those at Fisher Stone, P.C.

Our business attorneys are entrepreneurs who have experienced the thrill of starting their own businesses from scratch. We know how it feels and what it takes to run a successful business, and we want to help our clients experience that excitement. We also want to protect our clients by ensuring the legal side of their company operates smoothly.

We have a deep understanding of the nuances of New York business law. We will apply that knowledge as we help clients choose business entities, craft critical documents like asset purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment contracts, and assist with acquisitions and dispositions.

Whether our clients are starting small businesses, expanding medium-sized businesses, navigating disputes, or selling a business, we provide general counsel and legal representation. Our legal services are unmatched, as shown in our five-star ratings. Reach out to our team of attorneys today for the legal expertise you need. Call our law firm at 516-908-9519 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the wide range of services we offer.

What Do Business Lawyers Do?

Individuals who own successful businesses understand that legal matters are crucial to the health of their companies. A corporate lawyer can provide counsel at every stage of business ownership, from business formation to expansion and disposition. When you hire a law firm rather than using cheap web-based software, you benefit from decades of experience combined with personal attention and representation crafted specifically to your needs.

Some ways the lawyers at Fisher Stone P.C. can help your new or growing business include:

  • Seeking venture capital to fund your business
  • Finding the appropriate legal structure
  • Crafting essential documents, including confidentiality agreements, operating agreements, employment agreements, stock purchase agreements, and more
  • Protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Resolving issues with corporate governance
  • Resolving disputes regarding partnership agreements
  • Handling any other disputes, such as breach of contract
  • Assisting with business transactions, including acquisition and disposition
  • Representing you in cases where litigation is necessary

Our experienced legal team is prepared to offer a full range of services for your new business or growing company. We have helped thousands of clients with emerging companies, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. You can rely on our knowledge and extensive experience, so call our NYC law offices today.

What Kinds of Cases Does Your Law Firm Handle?

Our business lawyers are ready to help you at every step of the process, whether that means assisting with a start-up, navigating by-laws as you grow your business, or resolving disputes. We can help with small business matters and even help you raise capital to get started.

Some of the legal issues we handle include:

  • Business start-up, including selecting the right legal structure, raising capital, and ensuring you have the necessary licensing to start your business on the right foot
  • Trademarks, such as branding and getting the legal protection you need to make your mark
  • Contracts, such as shareholder agreements, operating agreements, employment contracts, and more
  • Establishing the operation of your small business or growing company, ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities and fulfills their obligations
  • Negotiating and preparing contracts during the buying or selling of businesses

Contact our legal team right away if you have any questions about how New York business law applies to your unique situation. We offer a free consultation so you can understand what to expect, and we base our services on flat rates with no hidden fees.

Why Is Hiring a Business Lawyer Necessary for My Company?

When you start a company, you invest your time, money, and faith into your business. Many people invest a lifetime of hard-earned wealth into a new business venture. You don’t want to put all of that at risk. A business law attorney can evaluate your business plan and contracts to make sure no minor detail will threaten the longevity of your growing company.

Your attorney can also stand by in case any disputes arise, helping resolve matters before they are taken to court. If litigation becomes necessary, having a skilled corporate law lawyer backing you up is even more critical. Call Fisher Stone, P.C. right away for more information about how hiring our experienced legal team can benefit your business.

Should You Hire Our Business Attorneys?

New York business law can be extremely complex, leading to frustration and issues that prevent a business from experiencing the growth it could enjoy. When you hire Fisher Stone, P.C. for your business law needs, you can rest assured that you are getting counsel and representation from attorneys who have started multiple businesses personally and helped countless clients create successful companies.

Our outstanding record of success further shows that we are the law firm you need when growing or starting your business. With our core principles of people, process, and partnership, we work tirelessly to make each client feel valued and heard. We take the time to listen to your questions and promise to communicate clearly so you understand what to expect when creating, growing, buying, or selling your business.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to ensuring your company’s success. Call our team of corporate law lawyers to get counsel from attorneys with extensive experience who care about you and your business. You can reach us by calling 516-908-9519 today.