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Helping Clients Start a Business While Protecting Personal Assets

When you are ready to start a business in New York City, you have some critical questions you need to address. First, you must find investors to raise capital and hire trustworthy employees to help your business run smoothly. Another critical legal issue is how to structure your business. There are many business entities, including an S-corporation, a professional corporation, or a limited liability company. Depending on what type of business entity you choose, you could have varying levels of tax and liability protection. The business structure you select will also dictate what regulations you must maintain to keep your company legally viable.

With all the choices and varying consequences, it’s essential to speak with New York LLC formation attorneys before deciding how to proceed. Your lawyer can help evaluate your unique circumstances and offer legal counsel based on your situation. They can also ensure you comply with federal and state laws. If you choose to create a New York LLC, your lawyer can help you file the proper paperwork and create a legally sound operating agreement.

At Fisher Stone, P.C., we understand how crucial it is for you to have excellent legal counsel as you start your new business. We also know how important it is for small business owners to keep costs at a minimum, so we offer free consultations and flat rates that keep our legal services affordable. Call our law offices today at 516-908-9519 to learn more about our LLC formation package and to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a unique business entity that may be owned by one person, multiple people, or even other corporations. The owners are known as members and are protected from financial devastation in case the business fails. In some cases, such as with professional limited liability companies, members may still be held accountable for lawsuits resulting from the malpractice of the individual.

Another critical aspect of limited liability companies is how these businesses are taxed. LLCs may elect to use pass-through taxation methods, meaning the company itself does not file taxes. Instead, the members could pay taxes as someone who is self-employed would, which can be an excellent way to minimize the tax burden on a new small business owner.

Starting an LLC is relatively simple, but it is still important to get legal advice before starting any business to ensure you have the proper documentation. Reach out to our law firm right away to see if establishing an LLC is the right way to go for your new business.

What Are the Benefits of Starting an LLC?

The limited liability company can be an ideal structure for many new businesses because of its protection and the simplicity of how an LLC runs. Owners benefit from using the LLC as a business entity for many reasons, including the following:

  • The LLC provides a liability shield, protecting members from creditors and predators.
  • The owner is not subject to double taxation as they would be in other business entities, such as in a C-corporation.
  • Establishing an LLC is relatively simple, with a minimal amount of necessary paperwork
  • Limited liability companies do not require annual meetings, shareholders, or other complex business operations.
  • Owners have greater flexibility in determining how to manage and run their businesses.
  • There is no fixed ratio for distributing profits, allowing members to share profits as they see fit.

Call our law offices immediately to learn more about the advantages of opening an LLC from our talented business attorneys.

How Do I Start an LLC in New York City?

Forming an LLC in NYC is easier than starting a business using other entities. However, the process can still be complex and is best done with the help of knowledgeable NYC LLC attorneys.

Some of the basic steps of starting an LLC in New York include:

  • Determining what you want to name your business, including ensuring no one else has already used that business name
  • Choosing a registered agent to accept mail on behalf of your company, which could be yourself, a friend, or a registered agent service
  • Publishing an ad in two New York newspapers for six consecutive weeks
  • Filing a certificate of publication and a certificate of change to update your LLC’s address
  • Filing New York LLC Articles of Organization
  • Creating an operating agreement for your New York LLC

Many people feel these steps are simple enough to do with a cheap one-stop website but soon run into legal issues when they forget a step or miss an essential legal requirement. Please don’t take the risk of harming your company because of failing to form your LLC properly. When you hire our legal team, you get personalized attention and counsel that matches your circumstances and goals. We can help protect your privacy and minimize your stress and costs when starting your LLC. We even offer a flat fee for our LLC formation package. Call today to learn more!

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help Me Start an LLC?

Starting a business requires a great deal of time, money, and knowledge. You can reduce the stress and costs of forming an LLC by hiring the team of attorneys at Fisher Stone, P.C.

Our skilled legal team offers the following services and more:

  • Availability check preparation to ensure your business name is available in New York
  • Finding a registered agent on your behalf to save money and protect your interests
  • Helping you fulfill the NYC requirement of publishing in two New York newspapers
  • Creating and filing articles of organization that meet your goals for your new company
  • Crafting an operating agreement to start your company on the right foot and give you the best chance of success in the future
  • Offering dispute resolution for legal matters, including breaches of contract
  • Obtaining an employer identification number if your business requires it

Other states may have different laws and requirements. Whether you are working in a partnership or are a single member starting an LLC, you need New York business attorneys who can help you satisfy the local regulations for your business. Take the first step by calling our law firm today.

Should You Hire Our LLC Attorneys?

There is so much at risk when starting a business, but forming a limited liability company can alleviate much of that risk and give you peace of mind. It can be challenging to choose an attorney whom you trust to assist you in forming an LLC. Please rest assured that the legal team at Fisher Stone, P.C. will use our experience, knowledge, and honesty to get you the results you need.

Our founding attorneys know how it feels to take the leap and form a new business because they have both been there. We understand the stress, excitement, and overwhelming options that new business owners have. We can help you make the right choices for your New York LLC formation and ensure you fulfill all of New York’s legal obligations for new businesses. Call today to schedule your free consultation at 516-908-9519.