Lowrance Fisher, Esq.    

An entrepreneur who is not afraid of “disturbing the status quo”, and finding a solution to a problem while taking a risk.

Lowrance Fisher co-founded Fisher Stone with partner and fellow Florida Coastal Law School graduate Greg Stone. In addition to being a New York licensed attorney with years of legal experience, Lowrance is an accomplished entrepreneur who has started and run two successful enterprises.


Ever since he could remember, Mr. Fisher was passionate about business and always had an interest in the innovation of entrepreneurship. From starting his first “lemonade stand” at 7 years old to establishing an online jewelry store and later owning and operating an iPod accessory franchise, Mr. Fisher was constantly thinking of new solutions to old problems. Mr. Fisher considers himself to be an entrepreneur, a person who is not afraid of “disturbing the status quo”, finding a solution to a problem while taking a risk.

At the age of 20, Mr. Fisher started a retail business, introducing a new product that he found overseas to the United States market. Upon finishing college, Mr. Fisher sold his shares of the business in pursuit of his broader dream to become an attorney. While simultaneously studying for his LSATs, Mr. Fisher started a job for a prominent New York personal injury law firm. Three years later, Mr. Fisher was standing at his law school graduation from Florida Coastal School of Law, tremendously proud that he had accomplished his objective of becoming a lawyer.

As a New York licensed attorney focusing on Real Estate Law and Business Law, Mr. Fisher counsels many small businesses, start-ups, and individuals in protecting their interests and anticipating potential legal troubles and how to prevent them. As a small business owner himself, Mr. Fisher understands the unique challenges business owners face.

Mr. Fisher does not want to be just a lawyer for his clients; he want to be a part of their story. At the Fisher Stone, we want our passion and motivation to drive you. Our firm is young, energetic, ambitious, and passionate about what we do. If you want those qualities, then give us a call.



1. Enjoys boating and fishing.

2. Loves extreme motor sports.

3. Favorite country to visit is Italy.

4. Married his high school sweetheart.

5. Ranked tennis player.

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