Julia Lee, Esq.

Ms. Lee loves to put deals together. She thinks and breathes with clauses to put into contracts.

She went to law school in Wisconsin and had experience forming LLCs for clients from the school’s Entrepreneurship Clinic. She enjoys hearing amazing entrepreneurial ideas and upon graduation proceeded to practice law in New York. Passionate about creation and essentially a risk-taker, the move to New York was a natural fit. She likes the diverse and dynamic atmosphere in the city and is ready to help clients realize their best potential.


Before taking the plunge to become a lawyer, Ms. Lee worked for a tech-startup in Taiwan, selling cutting-edge electronics to China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. She observed first-hand challenges in business expansion and learned from stories of lean start-ups surviving and growing. Her best business trip took the form of an 11-hour walk in Beijing attending conferences and searching for a book not on sale in Taiwan.

Ms. Lee obtained her bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University and her JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School. The journey from Taiwan (where it is hot) to Wisconsin (where it is cold) makes her flexible and adaptable to changes. She used to keep a journal every day and is finding new hobbies each year. Grateful for an amazing group of extremely open-minded friends, Ms. Lee sees New York as her second home. She likes to imagine what life is like to live in different neighborhoods and aims to own a house soon.



1. Reads the dictionary.

2. Binge drinks tea.

3. Favorite color is purple.

4. Didn’t see snowfall until the age of 25.

5. Enjoys cooking.

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