Gregory D. Stone, Esq.    

An individual with a high-risk appetite who aims to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

Gregory D. Stone co-founded Fisher Stone with partner and fellow Florida Coastal Law School graduate Lowrence Fisher. Greg is both a qualified New York bar-admitted attorney and an experienced business professional, entrepreneur and publisher. His background includes starting a cellphone and iPod accessories company and founding the journal SSB Magazine.


As a result of his upbringing, Mr. Stone is extremely hard-working, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and knack for innovation. Mr. Stone’s passion for entrepreneurial ventures began at the young age of 18, when he opened his first business, selling cellphones and iPod accessories. It was at that point, his passion for business began. At the age of 21, Mr. Stone became the founder of SSB Magazine, an experience that taught him the complexity of running a business on a daily basis. This experience taught Mr. Stone the importance of business management, marketing, networking and how to manage various employees and advertisers. Early in his career, Mr. Stone experienced a wide range of negotiating, analyzing, resolving and litigating all aspects of business matters. Following the completion of his Bachelors of Science in Finance, Mr. Stone knew that he wanted to take the knowledge he obtained from creating his own brands, and assist others in doing the same.

While attending Florida Coastal School of Law, Mr. Stone actively sought out courses in Business Development, Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property, and Federal Income Tax. Completing his Juris Doctor in May 2015 with a certificate in Business Law, Mr. Stone has taken this educational experience along with his personal experience to form a solid foundation in which he seeks to assist others from the start-up phases of a business to the needs of those businesses already in operation.

Mr. Stone believes that what makes him a good attorney is his genuine desire to help his clients achieve their goals and his passion for working with businesses. His goal is to build long-term relationships with his clients so that he can see his clients’ success and their businesses grow.



1. Can ski and snowboard.

2. Plays the piano.

3. Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

4. Lived in Italy as a child.

5. Favorite food is pizza.

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