Carolyn D. Kersch, Esq.    

What makes Carolyn D. Kersch different from other divorce attorneys is that she can personally relate with her clients, as she went through the emotional rollercoaster ride of her own parents’ divorce.

Carolyn is committed to protecting children, making sure the divorce process is handled in a respectful and professional manner to avoid natural concerns that parents may have.


As a psychology major in undergrad, Carolyn developed the necessary skills to communicate effectively with her clients, allowing her to guide them through the process, and ensure that their emotions don’t cloud their ability to make reasoned decisions to avoid protracted litigation.

Though divorce leaves a bitter taste in people’s mouths, Carolyn views it as a positive transformation. While things weren’t always perfect following her parents’ divorce, over time, she said how their relationship grew where they bonded over the love of Carolyn’s children and shared fond memories of her own childhood.

What makes Carolyn a fearless divorce attorney is her aggressiveness, detail-orientedness and relentlessness for her clients.

Her dedication and perseverance led her to become one of the founding partners of Samuelson Hause Samuelson Geffner & Kersch, LLP after 12 ½ years where she worked her way up as an intern during her last semester at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and was hired as an associate upon graduation. Currently, Carolyn is a founding partner at Geffner Kersch P.C.

She is married with three children — a son and twin daughters.


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