Alisa J. Geffner, Esq.    

Helping children faced with adversity and difficult life situations is one of the reasons why Alisa J. Geffner became a lawyer specializing in divorce and family law.

During her third year of law school, Alisa participated in the Hofstra Child Advocacy Clinic, representing children involved in abuse and neglect cases. The experience helped Alisa develop litigation and dispute resolution skills early on in her career. It also provided her with a unique sensitivity toward child custody cases and parenting.


What makes Alisa effective in her area of expertise is not only does she understand the emotional side, but she understands real estate, the complexity of businesses and other asset holdings. Alisa grew up in a family of accountants and worked for her parents’ Long Island-based accounting practice at a young age. This provided her the foundation to effectively structure financial settlements for her clients.

Helping those through extremely emotional experiences is something that comes natural to Alisa as her own friends and family see her as the go-to person to help solve their problems. This led her to study psychology during undergrad at the University at Albany, SUNY prior to law school.

It’s not easy being a divorce and family attorney, but being able to play a major role in the journey a person takes through the divorce process is extremely fulfilling to Alisa. She witnesses her clients become stronger, less fearful, more in control, more confident and happier.

Alisa makes sure that her clients know what is happening each step of the way and she strives to provide reasoned and sound advice so that their case can move expeditiously to a favorable result.


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