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Fisher Stone will prepare all of the documentation necessary for your company to operate legally.

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Shareholder Agreement

Set up the relationship between shareholders to prevent any future issues.
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Operating Agreement

After forming your LLC, you are required to have an LLC Operating Agreement between members.
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Post Formation for Startups

In a perfect world, company formation would be the end of your difficulties. Of course, it’s easy to look around and tell the world is far from perfect, so it’s no surprise that you’ll have a wealth of other startup legal needs after formation. At Fisher Stone, we make sure that all of these needs are met.

Organizational Leadership and Rules

Whether you’ve created an LLC, filed for incorporation or formed another type of startup, New York law requires certain rules to be met. If your business structure is a corporation, for instance, you’re going to have to spend some time electing a board of directors. We know you don't want to waste your weekends on this, so help in this area is included with our post-formation setup.

In most cases, you’re also going to have to appoint officers, create operating agreements and adopt company bylaws. Again, this is by and large not the most exciting part of being a successful business entrepreneur, so our corporate attorneys will simplify the process for you. NYC startup rules can be complex, but our professionals have got your back.



Raising More Capital

Wouldn’t it be great if your initial startup funding was all you ever needed to create a successful business? Of course it would, but continuous fundraising is going to be an integral part of keeping your business above water. Luckily, you’ve probably already guessed that we at Fisher Stone can help you through this process as well.

Asset sales are one way to get a few extra bucks, but selling stock is where a large portion of your funding will come from. In addition to helping you issue stock, we can also accomplish this with customizable vesting. Keeping your business funded is an uphill battle, but luckily for you, a few of our corporate lawyers are mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Protecting Your Property

Let’s imagine that you coast through setting up your company leadership, creating your bylaws and even keeping your startup fully funded. Amazingly enough, setting up your company still isn’t complete. This is because others might be out to take advantage of your great ideas or proprietary equipment.

Fortunately, through trademark applications, patents and other forms of intellectual property protection, we can make sure your ideas remain yours. It could be other startups you’re competing against or potentially untrustworthy employees, but the law firm of Fisher Stone knows all of the ins and outs of keeping your success in-house.


Post-Formation Legal Assistance

Whether it’s keeping your company within the legal boundaries of NYC startup laws or simply protecting your intellectual property from prying eyes, the corporate attorneys of Fisher Stone work to make your post-formation process a negligible hurdle in your race to the top. Contact us today for continuous help making your startup a success.

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