Selling Real Estate in NYC

Selling your home in NYC can leave you stressed out. Allow the real estate attorneys at Fisher Stone ease your mind.


Selling a Condo
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Selling a Co-op
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Selling a Cond-op
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Single/Multi family

Selling a Single/Multi Family home
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3 Easy Steps

Get to your Real Estate closing with our trusted attorneys

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Answer a few easy questions. You can finish in as little as 15 minutes.

Step 2

An attorney will prepare and review your documents for your real estate closing.

Step 3

We will execute the documents and have your real estate closing.

Helping you Sell your NYC Residential property

If you thought buying real estate in NYC was a burden, just wait until you’re in the market to sell. If our real estate attorneys weren't already experienced in the area, the legal aspects of selling a home might have kept us in the Manhattan studio apartment we cut our teeth in. If you've already been through the process once on your own, we fully understand why you're looking for help now.

Step-by-Step Real Estate Assistance

We would love to tell you that selling a home, condominium, co-op or any other form of property was just as simple as selling a car. Just hop on Craigslist one day, find someone who's willing to make a purchase, meet up once so they can "test drive" the new home and BAM, they hand you some money and you go on your way. In reality, New York law won't even allow you to complete the real estate sale process on your own.

Under New York law, you're going to need either an attorney or licensed counselor to prepare real estate documents. And when we say "counselor," we're not referring to the ones with couches and tissues. You need someone trained in real estate law to handle contracts and other documentation. We could tell you that we're your best option in New York, but we'd rather prove it to you in person with a free consultation.



Unmarketable Homes

Imagine having hundreds of thousands of dollars of money that belongs to you but you just can't access. We at Fisher Stone have reached the consensus that we'd all probably go nuts in that situation. You'll get a quick lesson in this if your home isn't appealing to buyers for any of the following reasons. 

  • Overvaluation
  • Title issues (e.g., liens, improper conveyance)
  • Closing issues

These legal problems can arise whether you’re selling your own property or handling a sale for a client. Don’t get caught up in these real estate traps. We don't sell your home for you, but we make sure you don't get hung up on any legal traps. Time is money, and on the housing market, it's a lot of money.

The NYC Real Estate Lawyers You Need

The sooner you can get your real estate transaction under way, the sooner you can enjoy your new home or vacation in Tahiti without worrying about selling a house. We'd love to be on the beach with you, but our goal is to handle the legal issues with your New York real estate as efficiently as possible. Let us take on that headache.

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