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Corporate Counsel

You have finished your company formation, made the perfect choice between LLC and corporation, accrued plenty of funding, and set up your entire corporate structure to meet New York startup laws’ standards. You’re good to go, right?

Unfortunately, laying the appropriate groundwork and running your business efficiently doesn’t mean your problems are over. Between potential disputes and the need for ongoing agreements, having experienced attorneys serve as corporate counsel will be a necessity.

Benefits of Corporate Counsel

Maybe you’ll experience a dispute with your business partners. Maybe an employee will sue for wrongful termination. Then again, you may never face these types of disputes and simply need a corporate lawyer to draft contracts periodically. Of course, there are several other benefits to having ongoing corporate counsel.

Avoid Legal Problems

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and if you can avoid a business dispute in NYC, you’ll be doing your company a favor. At Fisher Stone, our corporate attorneys are always willing to answer questions. We can advise you on appropriate ways to move forward, and this could help you avoid legal issues in the first place.

Protection from Dishonest Dealings

As an entrepreneur, many people expect you to know everything that’s taking place in your company. Unfortunately, this is a difficult endeavor. If someone takes advantage of this fact by engaging in dishonest or fraudulent dealings, our attorneys may be able to protect your company while holding those accountable responsible.


It’s Not “If,” It’s “When”

You could be the most straightforward business person to exist in our universal realm, but that’s no guarantee you won’t face a lawsuit one day. In fact, statistics show that small businesses earning $1 million per year will spend $20,000 on average for lawsuits annually.

The term “more money, more problems” is always tossed around, but in the business world, it’s a fact of life. You’re going to need a law firm eventually, so why not start a relationship with the corporate attorneys at Fisher Stone to ensure you’re protected now and in the future?

Seed Financing

At Fisher Stone, our goal isn’t to swoop in after you’ve already gotten your business off the ground. In fact, we can help you through the process of gaining seed financing. By offering equity stake in your company, you can appeal to more investors, and we can show you how. This is an integral part of your success, so contact us early on to speed the process along.

Corporate Counsel in New York City

The benefits of having corporate counsel in NYC are numerous, and whether you’re in the process of company formation or are an established corporation, the professionals at Fisher Stone have the experience to help you with your business needs. Contact us today to make sure your company is always on solid legal ground.

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