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Disputes can be messy, so we will help mitigate that mess, even in litigation.
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Sometimes people leave their businesses so be sure to leave with your fair share.
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If you are looking to close your business, we can make certain that everything is handled.
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Having an attorney during this difficult time will help you navigate this path to your best possible outcome.

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Services We Provide

  • Partner Counseling 
  • Demand Letters
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Litigation
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  • Asset Sale
  • Stock Sale
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Document Filing
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  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Asset Sale

  • Permit / Licensing Review
  • Commercial Lease Review
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Some clients that we’ve helped through disputes…

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I have been working with Greg since 1 month for my newly built business. Honestly, If there was a 6 or 7 star I would leave.  I can not explain how much I am happy to have chance to meet with him and work with Fisher Stone.
Sinem Ergunay


Fisher Stone has been with our company since day one. Whether it’s company formation, fundraising, partnership agreements, board agreements or any other situation that has arisen.

Paul Miser
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Amazing staff! Gregory was super professional and approachable. Took his time to help me and explained every step of the way. Great time management, plus I was notified regarding what was happening with my case. The office in general provides awesome team work. I would highly recommend the place!

Lily Bekker
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These guys are not your pay to play clock watching lawyers, they add tons of value in the form of guidance and information. Definitely my go to lawyers for my businesses. I’d refer them to anyone
Lionel White
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  The responsiveness, relatability, and professionalism of our attorney along with the business knowledge were all part of the results of a quick, smooth process all making sure were getting the best end of the stick.
Angery Mejia
business owner smiling


Fought my case, like it was his only one. Got what I deserved after months of consistency and not quitting. Most important was not willing to settle for less then. Highly recommended!

Jack Snadou

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more guidance on what the best path for your business is, look through these frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, you can schedule a free strategy session with one of our attorneys.

What does a buyout entail?2020-10-27T15:39:39-04:00

There are several forms of a buyout, each with unique benefits and potential pitfalls. A buyout is the sale of your business to a partner or third party. A buyout doesn’t have to transfer complete ownership, but it’s usually at least a transfer of majority stake.

What is dissolution?2020-10-27T15:40:05-04:00

Dissolution is the process of disbanding a company, which must have approval from all owners or an order from the courts. When dissolution occurs, you need to report it to the government and settle all affairs regarding any licenses, contracts, leases, debts, etc.

What are my options if I’m in a dispute with a business partner?2020-10-27T15:40:34-04:00

Disputes between business partners happen, and handling the matter can come in a variety of forms. Ultimately, what works best for one dispute might not work for another dispute. The best course of action in any scenario is to consult with an attorney so they can assess your options and highlight the best path to take.

Will exiting my business cost me money?2020-10-27T15:42:17-04:00

Simply put, exiting a business is not an easy process but whether exiting will be costly depends on the business, your stake in the company, and the attorney representing you. Having an attorney for these decisions is crucial to safeguard your interests. Litigation is costly and time-consuming no matter how airtight a case may be, the right attorney can sidestep these issues. 

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