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Registering your trademark is a great way to protect your brand
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Your work of art can have extra protection with a federal filing
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What is the difference between a Trademark and a Copyright?

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Unregistered Trademark

This is a form of intellectual property that you can use to distinguish your good or service.

Registered Trademark

This mark indicates to the world that you have registered with the federal government.

Protect your brand

Registration allows you to protect your brand nationwide. If an individual infringes, you may take them to court and protect your brand.
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Protect you work

Protects your ownership of your original work. All work must be in a fixed and tangible form.

Strengthen your rights

Registration creates a public record and proves ownership. It is a requirement to sue for infringement.

Advance Creativity

Creative professionals such as, writer, artists, architects, composers, etc., all benefit from registering their copyright.
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Trademark and Copyright in NYC

We’ve all seen the small “Tm,” "R," or “C” symbols that signify trademarks and copyrights, but do you really know what these symbols mean? Whether you’re an established business owner or a budding entrepreneur with a startup, you better hope so. Of course, a simple understanding doesn’t mean you’re an expert at intellectual property. That’s what our NYC trademark and copyright lawyers are for.

You honestly better believe that we at Fisher Stone took the time to legally protect all of our intellectual property. Otherwise we might have a "Fisher Stone" sign on every street corner trying to profit off our work. That's not going to happen with us, and we want to make sure it doesn't happen to you either.

Trademark vs. Copyright

Other than attorneys and real estate counselors, who really understands the differences in NYC trademark and copyright law? These federal laws played a huge part in our legal training, so we're going to pass some of that information to you:

What Trademarks Protect

  • Branding information
  • Words, names, symbols, sounds, colors
  • Anything that distinguishes one product/corporation from another

What Copyright Protects

  • Literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works
  • Various types of intellectual work
  • Books, videos, audio, reports
This list is far from exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of what direction you need to go. Whether you’re an LLC, corporation or another form of business structure, trademarks and copyrights will protect your intellectual property.


Nuances to Intellectual Property

Some people think that reading an article about intellectual property online immediately makes them experts. In reality, it’s possible to spend years studying trademark and copyright protection and still not fully understand it all. After all, who would think you could trademark a color? From Tiffany Blue to T-Mobile Magenta, it’s been done.

While we might seem a little biased in saying this, we honestly believe that having a corporate attorney handle your intellectual property issues is in your best interest. We can help you avoid using property that’s already trademarked - because that can be awfully embarrassing for your business if discovered.

New York’s Trademark and Copyright Lawyers

Whether you sell cars or manufacture ridiculous costumes for Halloween, you’re going to need trademark and copyright protection to keep your intellectual property safe. Without taking these steps, you’ll have zero legal recourse if someone decides to co-opt your idea. Contact us today at Fisher Stone to ensure your property remains your own.

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